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ProTech® Concentrated Denture Cleaner, in the convenient foil pack, is a remarkable, new prosthetic cleaner and stain remover that will revitalize old dentures; and will keep new dentures, partials and orthodontic appliances looking fresh and new.

When used according to directions, ProTech® will not harm the denture base, partial denture metal* or soft reline material.

ProTech® Cleaner is a non-chlorinated product, that will quickly and effectively clean and deodorize old and new partial and full dentures; to the delight of the patient, doctor and dental laboratory. Coffee, tea, tobacco, fruit and iron stains, tartar, plaque, calcium and calculus are removed safely and easily. It is also a fabulous calcium and calculus remover! Very few leading brands make this claim.

*Not recommended for use on partials fabricated from Ticonium® Alloy

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